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Spray Booth from Airflow
Spray Booth
Spray Booth from Airflow
Spray Booth
Spray Booth from Airflow
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Spray Booth

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We have a full specification website for both Dry Filter Spray Booths and Water Wash Spray Booths on our partner website which offers full product PDF downloads and the ability to buy/order online.


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Spray Booth

The term 'Spray Booth' is a generalised term used to describe a variety of types of extraction, containment and filtration equipment employed by a huge range of industries to facilitate the protection of staff, products and the environment from airborne contamination. A Spray booth can be used to provide containment of a wide variety of airborne contaminants. Such contaminants may indeed be in the form of paint or powder spray (hence the term spray booth) but may also be a by-product of mixing, fettling, decanting or preparing a wide range of powdered materials, solvents, prepared substrates or finished products.


Spray booths usually include some type of filter to trap the contaminants prior to expelling the filtered air to atmosphere. Although often seen as a type of industrial dustbin the spray booth performs two of the most important tasks in modern day industrial processes. Firstly a correctly designed and installed spray booth will provide protection from the unwanted inhalation of damaging contaminants, not only for the operator of the booth but also from all other persons working within the surrounding factory environment. Secondly a good spray booth will protect our environment by ensuring that only the cleanest of air is released into the outside environment.


Dry Filter Spray Booth

Supplied with Airflow high efficiency water resistant media. Modular design allowing for all types of Spraying Application. Strength, durability and engineering quality, feature in every single Airflow Dry Filter Spray Booth. 1.1m to 6.6m widths ex stock with specials in 7 days. Modular design and CNC manufacture ensures strictly competitive pricing. Half the fixings of other booths = Quicker Installation. The patented Airflow cartridge fan ensures that fan-motor and drive components are sealed away from the exhaust air stream, for a long trouble free life. Booths can be supplied with a choice of standard or ATEX fans. Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning. High-efficiency, Reliable and Patented Airflow cartridge fan.


Water Wash Spray Booth

Hundreds in operation worldwide selected for quality and reliability by the worlds leading manufacturers. We also have an unrivalled knowledge of oven applications within your market. A heavy-duty Grundfos pump with stainless steel impeller and tungsten carbide seals with the Airflow Patented Cartridge Fan for total reliability. Stainless steel water screens as standard. Our expertise within these areas allows us to knowledgably advise on the correct lifetime solution for your particular process. Automated sludge removal options with immediate delivery from our huge stocks. Welded steel pipe work with cleaning access and an externally accessible water flow control valve.


Powder Coating Booth

Perfectly applied powder needs to be cured in the correct environment. Glazed lighting panels fitted as standard Galvanised steel or stainless steel construction designed for rapid colour changes. Securely pre-assembled and sealed before despatch, the Airflow Powder Coating Booth is specifically designed for the curing of electrostatic powder coatings: Please browse our website for more information about Airflow Group and our Spray Booth range & Industrial Spray Booth then contact us on 01142 327788 to speak to one of our team or e-mail us on


Our internal design and manufacturing teams have been developing solutions for the worlds top companies since 1985 and now offer unparalleled expertise within the finishing industry. The complete Airflow Finishing solution includes Conveyors, Paint Mixing Rooms, Product Stands, Racks, Jigs, Turntables, Mechanical Handling Equipment and a complete range of Consumable items including, Filters, Spares, Accreditation, Commissioning, Certification, Planned Preventative Maintenance and 24 Hour service back up


Please browse our website for more information about our rapid specification, quotation, manufacturing, installation & after sales Spray Booth service then contact us on 01142 327788 to speak to one of our team or e-mail us on

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